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About Kelly Monisse 

Kelly Monisse is actor who can both walk and leap the line between comedy and tragedy.

Her artistry is in the her contrast of light and shade; strength and vulnerability; the beauty and vulgarity humanities many contradictions. 

A versatile actor; she is known for her vibrant role as Bridget Van Ryan in the American buddy comedy film "Malibu Crush," which highlights her comedic timing.




Her significant contribution to the dramedy short film "Arlo" has been celebrated in film festivals, underlining her ability to captivate audiences in diverse genres. In the blood curdling drama "Body in the Backyard" she delivers a gripping performance keeping the audience on their toes as they question her character, is she saviour... or monster? 

With roots in musical theatre, improvisational comedy and burlesque, Kelly not only commands the stage and screen but uses her voice to champion mental well-being. Over the years she has inspired young individuals through her work and advocacy as a speaker, partnering with charity and NFP organisations such as Batyr,  Camp Quality and The Starlight Children's Foundation.

Kelly now uses her experience and qualifications to support others on their journey as a mentor and coach for artists and creatives. Her career is a testament to her dedication to her craft and her commitment to making a positive impact within her community. 

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