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Acting and Career 

With her extensive experience and  a deep understanding of the creative journey, Kelly brings a wealth of knowledge and a personal touch to the audition process.


With her extensive background and qualifications in acting and voice over along with her passion for mindset and habit coaching, Kelly stands as a pivotal force for those ready to elevate their creative careers.


Jacqueline, Actor

I feel so empowered as an artist - I feel SO empowered. When I have a question or a problem in my career - Kelly is someone in my mind who I think - "she will know this stuff!" Kelly has helped me to have these breakthroughs and open my eyes to the industry and how to take control of my career. She is so generous with her time and knowledge and support. Every time she speaks I'm like, front row
with my popcorn! 

Samantha, Actor

Working with Kelly as my coach has changed my life! I've seen improvements in how I show up; I've been more motivated and it's really paid off in my acting career! I've had auditions, been in more short films; my relationships improved - all because of the work we've done together! She's incredible, kind  and knows exactly the right questions to ask -  and  I would recommend her to anybody looking to improve not just their acting career, but their life.

Matt, Actor 

Kelly is the coach that you need for any and all self tape requests! Her calm and relaxing nature will ease even the most anxious of actors and her ability to dig deep and really analyse a script helps you make bold but informed choices. Her versatility as a voice actor has helped me immensely when doing self tapes remotely; allowing me to focus on my relationship with the character and being present in the scene.

Coaching Services 

Kelly offers a variety of coaching services to suit early to mid-career actors looking to give themselves a competitive edge in the industry. 

She specialises in three key areas; success coaching, offering a strategic pathway for career advancement; on-camera coaching to master the art of visual storytelling; and voiceover coaching to captivate and engage audiences with the power of voice. Her methodology is a bespoke blend of learning to leverage your unique gifts while mastering technique. Her profound industry insights and personalized mentoring is game-changing for those looking to build serious careers, all while enjoying the process and learning to play and take creative risks that pay off! 

Kelly Monisse is not just a coach; she's a mentor, a guide, and a collaborator on your journey to greatness. For creatives aspiring to transform their dreams into reality, Kelly is the mentor, cheerleader and kick up the butt you've been searching for, all rolled into one. Embark on this transformative journey with her, and she will help you craft your own unique path to success. 

Beach Waves


Success Coaching 

If you're an early or mid-career actor who wants a holistic approach to building a successful career in the industry. Whether you are looking for an agent, wanting to get more auditions, "hate networking'' or want to master your branding and headshots -
I can help.


Self Tape Coaching

In person and online coaching sessions for actors looking to refine their craft on camera for: 

- Self Tape Coaching
- Audition Coaching
- Acting School Preparation

- Camera Technique 


Voice Over Coaching

Ready to enter the world of Voice Over but not sure how to get started?

Book a series of 3 sessions and go from having 'no idea' to having everything you need to cut your first professional demo and an actionable plan toward booking your first gig

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