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Kelly’s parents met in the Air Force, so she and her three sisters spent most of their lives moving from one small town to the next. As a result she has found it hard to sit still and since fleeing the nest at 17 has lived and worked in Auckland, Keppel Island, the Whitsundays, the Middle East, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and now, Sydney.

A true nomad at heart, she lived in her van - a beaten down Hi Ace named ‘Gidget’-  for 6 months, before completely cooking the engine following a stint up and down the East coast. She is now an aspiring van lifer and current dream chaser.

As an actor and voice actor, she has found a sanctuary in Sydney’s Inner-west urban lifestyle. She currently lives with her partner and their puppy Harley in a Marrickville flat. They haven’t mentioned the dog to their realestate agents, but she is willing to risk broadcasting it here. Should anyone at the realestate agency ever google her and find out, she will consider that to be the day she has officially ‘made it’.  



Kelly Monisse plays the  Bridget Van Ryan in James Pratt’s new feature film, Malibu Crush (2021).

In 2019 she was recognised her work in dramatic short film ‘Arlo’ and after the film’s success at several short film festivals, was featured as a part of Mardi Gras 2020. In 2018, Kelly co-wrote and starred in a short film, ‘Body in the Backyard’, directed by Eddie Arya.

Kelly completed her full time studies in Acting at the Actors Centre in 2018. Her journey as an actor began after she had been working professionally as an entertainer in Brisbane’s Burlesque and Cabaret circuit for more than 5 years. After spending a year on the Gold Coast, Kelly moved to Sydney in 2016, following the completion of her Advanced Diploma in Musical Theatre.

Kelly is a dedicated performer, writer, creative and philanthropist. 
Since 2018, Kelly honed her skills in improvisation, comedy and clowning at the Westmead Children’s hospital as a Captain Starlight. In this role she used her positivity, humour and sense of play to brighten the lives of seriously ill children and teens.


She has recently transitioned to working with Camp Quality, where she now uses her skills in puppetry and performance to make a difference. Camp Quality work closely to support children who have been diagnosed with cancer, as well as their family and communities. She and the organisation also share the same motto - ‘Laughter is the best medicine!’. 


Kelly is also a passionate advocate for mental wellbeing as well as being a very skilled presenter and public speaker. She is proud to be associated with preventative mental health organisation batyr, where she facilitates workshops for young people aimed at smashing the stigma surrounding mental health. She regularly gives talks on mental health at schools and universities as well as conducting workshops on mental wellbeing for unemployed youth. 



Voice Actor

Kelly Monisse has the voice of your ultimate best friend; charismatically familiar with a big dose of realness! You'll want to work with her if you need a skilled voice actor who can quickly transform your script into living, breathing characters. She doesn't waste time when it comes to delivering options with authenticity. 
You want charming and cool? Comic and quirky? How about straight-laced, sympathetic or even smouldering? Kelly brings playfulness, diversity and professionalism into the booth.


Before she was a voice actor, she voiced teletypewriter calls for hearing impaired people. She took this job very seriously, ensuring her clients conversations sounded as authentic as possible! Kelly has been honing her skills in improvisation and comedy as a Captain Starlight since 2018, where her character voices and book readings are a hit with the kids at the hospital. She recently transitioned to Camp Quality. Here she uses her vocal abilities to bring puppets to life in order to bring laughter, the best kind of medicine, to kids living with cancer. 


Kelly is a passionate advocate for mental wellbeing, as well as being a confident and influential presenter and public speaker. She is proud to be associated with preventative mental health organisation, batyr, where she regularly facilitates workshops on smashing the stigma that surrounds mental health.



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